I came to photography as a model more than 25 years ago. It is there I discovered my own ideas and vision for what makes an image compelling to me. I use myself regularly as a ‘model’ as I am free and always available! I find too that self-portraits helps me step outside myself in a way and get an objective perspective on my own life. It also has a way of simultaneously allowing me to ‘look’ more deeply within, to ‘see’ more of my own drama, as well as step away from it. A background in dance informs my work – I hope to capture the energy and ‘movement’ even in a still shot or one of repose. The human body was and still is a fascinating landscape that my eye never seems to grow tired of taking in.  I shoot all kinds of subject matter but am forever drawn back to the human element.  It is what animates the living, the essence, the core of a being that I long to capture with the snap of my shutter.

I discovered the Iphone camera almost 3 years ago now and a whole new world of visual possibilities opened up. I still shoot with my other digital cameras. But the immediacy of the iphone camera and it’s seemingly limitless APP’s for revisioning a shot has spoiled me.

You can view my ‘older’ iphoneography  at:


You can view my traditiona (DSLR) photography at:



My work appears in Cupido Magazine (Netherlands) regularly. I’ve shown at galleries in New Mexico, Texas, New York, Northern California and on a few book covers. My images can be seen in a book entitled The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica and the sequel, The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women (Pub Group West) You can find my images in a book released Feb.’07 called New Erotic Photography (Taschen Press).

I am available for all commission work.

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  1. Hey stranger –

    Don’t even ask what rabbit hole I fell down that led to your site but I’m SO glad it did.

    Hope you’re doing well and are still “clear”. I had my own dance with cancer (invasive breast) in 2013. I’m now “clear” since 2015. Hoping to stay that way too!

    Anyway, wanted to reach out since I just finished enjoying your website very thoroughly.

    And my sincerest condolences on the death of your Mum, she was an awesome lady.


    1. Wow Dia! You wee dating Andy for a while right? Gosh! SO many yrs ago now! SO glad to here you’re in the clear too! So nice of you to post to check in here and thanks much and am glad you enjoyed the pics here… Cheers and here’s to a wonderful 2018 for us all! Healthy and prosperous! 😉

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