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  1. Earth to Jody. Earth to Jody.

  2. Hi Jody, just wondering are photo’s like the blue rose. available to use on my website? not yet launched.

    1. Yes, for a licensing fee. 😉 100.00 can be paid to my PayPal account. Just type in my email address When I get I will email you the image. Thx!

  3. Hi Jody. I found you on the Hub and then checked out your IG and like your style and vision. I myself am trying to branch out into Portraiture from my usual and have ideas etc, just don’t know any ‘models’. I live in Livermore and if you would ever want to collaborate please let me know. No high pressure, just relaxed and fun.
    My IG is ‘onetravelinggerman’ if you want to check me out. 🙂

    1. sorry for the delay.. I don’t think to look here often for posts.. have seen you on IG.. do post anywhere else? Website?;-)

  4. Jody: I am so struck by your work. I am truly humbled.

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